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Master Go In Ten Days provides ten lessons on the basic tactics and strategies in Go. The first day's lesson begins with the basic rules to include both the Chinese and Japanese counting methods. From there additional lessons cover tactics for capturing stones, opening strategy, the tactics and strategy of corner engagements, the tactics of life and death, fighting tactics, sacrifice tactics, attack and defense, endgame tactics, and finally three famous games are provided with comments.

The objective of the ten lessons is to help one along the path to reaching three or two kyu level in amateur strength. To reach such a level one must learn how to read the board at least two to three plays ahead. Master Go in Ten Days provides guidance, examples and exercises to get you started in how to understand and read the board. The secret is to get your board and stones out and practice the examples and exercises repeatedly until you have mastered them. Then acquire over the board practice by playing stronger opponents implementing the concepts presented in Master Go in Ten Days.

Supplemented with an index. 172 pages.

Dimensions: 5x748
English. Translated by Sidney Yuan, Diagram by Craig Hutchinson. 170 pages.

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Price: $14.00 ($17.50 - 20%) + $3.00 s/h

Made in America
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