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  PAFCFS Filipino Children Favorite Stories

Filipino ChildrenŐs Favorite Stories retold by Liana Romulo Filipino ChildrenŐs Favorite Stories comprises a collection of well-loved myths and tales from the Philippines. Introducting Mega the giant crab, the god Langit and his beautiful wife Alunsina, Pedro the gentle woodcutter and a host of other intriguing characters, these stories will enchant six to ten year old readers from all over the world. Many of the tales have been told by mothers and children over the centuries and cover classic childhood themes, such as the forces of good versus evil, children versus adults, the weak versus the strong, and others. While some of the stories have been retold and printed in many variations, others have never been published before. Narrated with an international audience in mind and illustrated with whimsical watercolors by award-winning artist Joanne de Leon, this is a must-have book for children around the world. 94 pages 9 1/2 by 9 1/2

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  PAJCFS Japanese ChildrenŐs Favorite Stories

Japanese ChildrenŐs Favorite Stories by Yoshisuke kurosaki Stories that delight the children of one land are sure to delight children everywhere. In the present volume are collected twenty of JapanŐs most-loved childrenŐs stories, told over and over again in many versions to the never-ending delight of children, generation after generation. Here are the playful goblins with long noses; the magic teakettle with badger feet and badger tail; Little One-Inch and his needle-sword; and many more beloved characters. In response to the wide acclaim from teachers, parents, and children alike all over the world for the first edition of this book, it has now been completely revised, with new stories, and with entirely new illustrations throughout by Yoshisuke Kurosaki, one of JapanŐs most noted illustrators of childrenŐs books. The 90 new and charming illustrations, including 12 in full color, are in the typical Japanese style, adding double interest and authenticity to the fascinating stories themselves. Such stories as these, while appealing to children everywhere, are still true expressions of Japanese character and customs. As such they are sure to create a sympathetic understanding for the culture and ways of another land. 120 pages 8 by 8 1/2

$13.00 + $3.00 s/h
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