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Better Than E-Bay?
Our services are absolutely free! It costs you nothing to post your item(s)!

More Attention Than E-Bay?
Your listing will get more attention on Chinese Culture related items. Consistently ranked among top five in major search engines (under various Chinese Culture related keywords, like Weiqi), your listing with Yutopian's Auction will be exposed to thousands of interested buyers.

More Safe Than E-Bay?
If asked, Yutopian can act as a middle person. Seller sends the merchandise to Yutopian and Buyer send a check payable to Yutopian. After receiving both, Yutopian will mail merchandise to Buyer and issue a check to Seller. If for some reason, either the Seller or Buyer does not follow through, the deal is off and merchandise will be returned to Seller, or check back to Buyer.

More Convenient Than E-Bay?
If you do not have a server to post the picture of your listing, let us know. We can post the picture and/or list the item for you.

Can't Remember Your Password?
Send us an e-mail and we will remind you your password. You can change your password to something easy for you to remember using the Change Registration option.

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